My Abruzzo 




 Abruzzo itinerary on the road

Tour of Abruzzo: the green region of Europe



Castle of Roccascalegna

 Roccascalegna: the castle between sky and earth

The castle on a spur of rock




Coast of Trabocchi

 Coast of Trabocchi: the suggestive Abruzzo coast

Unique structures on the sea embellish the Abruzzo coast




Azzinano: the village of the games of the past

 Azzinano: murals of past games

Walls of the little village tell about the games of the past




Lavino Park

 Lavino Park: the turquoise oasis

Sulphurous springs that color an equipped park




Aielli: the murals village

 Aielli: the murals village

When street art meets history and astronomy




The heart-shaped lake of Scanno

 Lake Scanno: the heart-shaped lake

The most romantic lake in Abruzzo





 Rocca Calascio: the castle of Ladyhawke

The set of "Ladyhawke" movie through the Abruzzo mountains