Itinerary Central Puglia road trip

5 days in Central Puglia: the land of trulli and white villages



Trulli of Alberobello


Why visit Central Puglia?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Central Puglia by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "Central Puglia road trip".

A tour of central Puglia by car will allow you to admire the characteristic white Apulian villages in the Itria valley, the ravines of the Murgia and the historic cities on the Adriatic coast.

March to November is the best time to visit Central Puglia.


Beach of Polignano a Mare



Central Puglia road trip in 5 days





  • Bari

Bari is the regional capital and its historic district of San Nicola is a pleasant surprise.




  • Bari - Polignano a Mare (35,4 Km/22 mi)

Polignano a Mare is a small town that rises on a spur of rock overlooking the sea and interspersed with a small and very popular beach.


  • Polignano a Mare - Monopoli (8,5 Km/5,3 mi)

Monopoli is a coastal town with a beautiful historic center with a 16th century castle.


  • Monopoli - Castellana Grotte (16 Km/10 mi)

Castellana Grotte is a small town famous for the presence of some of the most important karts caves in Italy.


  • Castellana Grotte - Alberobello (15 Km/9,3 mi)

Alberobello is the Apulian village of the famous "trulli", singular and characteristic houses with pointed roofs.




  • Alberobello - Locorotondo (8,7 Km/5,4 mi)

Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is characterized by its white houses that dominate the vineyards of the Itria Valley.


  • Locorotondo - Cisternino (9,2 Km/5,7 mi)

Cisternino is another pretty white village in the Itria Valley that boasts the orange flag recognition.


  • Cisternino - Ostuni (17,5 Km/11 mi)

Ostuni is defined "the white city" and it's the most important center of the Murgia.






  • Ostuni - Martina Franca (23,6 Km/14,7 mi)

Martina Franca is a quiet city with an interesting and welcoming historic center.


  • Martina Franca - Terra delle Gravine Regional Natural Park  (29 Km/18 mi)

Terra delle Gravine Regional Natural Park is a protected area that stands out for the presence of numerous canyons.


  • Terra delle Gravine Regional Natural Park - Altamura (64,5 Km/40 mi)

Altamura is famous for the PDO bread of the same name but also has an interesting historic center.


  • Altamura - Gravina di Puglia (13 Km/8 mi)

Gravina di Puglia is located close to a canyon that hides a complex labyrinth of underground tunnels and rock remains.




  • Gravina di Puglia - Castel del Monte (47 Km/29,2 mi)

Castel del Monte in Andria is a fortress with a particular octagonal shape declared a Unesco heritage.


  • Castel del Monte - Trani (33,2 Km/20,6 mi)

Trani is a small jewel with an adjoining historic center and Swabian castle just a stone's throw from the sea.


  • Trani - Bari (25,6 Km/32,7 mi)


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Castel del Monte in Andria



What to do in Central Puglia:

  • Sleeping inside a trullo in Alberobello
  • Eat a slice of Altamura bread with Apulian extra virgin olive oil
  • Get lost in the alleys of the splendid white villages in the Itria Valley