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Experiences in Abruzzo


Why visit Abruzzo?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Abruzzo read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "Experiential itinerary of Abruzzo".

This experiential tour allows you to experience Abruzzo through the many experiences that the various operators in the regional sector offer to visitors. A journey therefore in the name of nature where you can have adrenaline experiences such as Bunjee Jumping and Zipline but also trekking with different levels of difficulty, canoe excursions, E-bikes and much more!

March to November is the best time to visit Abruzzo.


Experiential tour of Abruzzo in 8 days




  • Pescara

Pescara is the main urban center of the region, easy to reach by all means of transport including air and an excellent starting point for any itinerary in Abruzzo.


  • Pescara - Castel del Monte (66,8 Km/41,5 mi)

Castel del Monte, in addition to being the gateway to Campo Imperatore and some well-known ski resorts, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Campo Imperatore experiences:

Trekking by Il Bosso

A short distance from the village of Castel del Monte, with expert guides, you can tackle some of the most beautiful paths in Abruzzo directed towards Campo Imperatore or on the highest peaks of the Gran Sasso.


Trekking in Abruzzo




  • Castel del Monte - Santo Stefano di Sessanio (14 Km/8,7 mi)

Alternatively, take the panoramic road that goes up to Campo Imperatore (33,5 Km/20,8 mi)

Santo Stefano di Sessanio is another of the most beautiful villages in Italy in Abruzzo and in recent years it has had of an important tourism development work.


Campo Imperatore experiences:

Trekking with donkey by Gira e Rigira

This particular way of trekking in the company of donkeys allows you to get in touch with these cute animals during excursions which, in some cases, aim to make the area known through historical-cultural cues.


E-Bike by Escursioni da Paura Gran Sasso

Followed by an expert instructor, it is possible to travel on various cycling itineraries within the Gran Sasso National Park, tackling considerable slopes and distances but relying on the help offered by the available E-bikes.


e-Bike in Abruzzo





  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio - Capodacqua (22,9 Km/14,2 mi)

Capodacqua is a fraction of Capestrano from which emerge the springs of the Tirino, one of the clearest rivers in Europe.


Tirino Valley experiences:

Canoe, kayak and E-bike by Il Bosso

Traveling on board of a canoe or a kayak the crystalline waters of the Tirino, it will seem to float just above the rich vegetation clearly visible on the bottom of the river whose banks can be traveled by bike to enjoy the panorama offered by the surrounding mountains .


Canoe in Abruzzo





  • Capodacqua - Salle (32 Km/19,9 mi)

Salle is a small town overlooking the spectacular Orta Valley.


Orta Valley experiences:

Bungee Jumping by Bunjee Jumping Abruzzo

From the Salle bridge that crosses the Orta valley it is possible to face one of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences to do in Abruzzo in the largest Bunjee Jumping Center in central-southern Italy.


  • Salle - Caramanico Terme (8,5 Km/5,3 mi)

Caramanico Terme is a pretty village from which the main hiking trails start in the beautiful Orfento Valley.


Orfento Valley experiences:

Trekking and Natural Wellness by Majambiente

Majambiente offers various hiking trails within the Orfento valley, a canyon of rare beauty carved by the perennial waters of the Orfento river through fairytale scenarios that are also well suited to Natural Wellness activities such as Forest bathing that allows you to get in full contact with nature through the 5 senses and with the help of Yoga and meditation practices.


Trekking, jeep safari and wildlife whatching by Majellatrekking

Majellatrekking offers hiking trails of various difficulties, real historical tours that touch the most important testimonies of the past in the Majella area and also offer various activities aimed at observing the local fauna.


Bunjee Jumping in Abruzzo





  • Caramanico - Pacentro (31,2 Km/19,4 mi)

Pacentro with its towers scattered throughout the country is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Peligna Valley experiences:

Zipline by Zipline Majella

The zipline is an adrenaline-pumping experience that allows you to "fly" up to 80 km/h over Peligna Valley suspended on a cable for about 1 km starting from the village of Pacentro.


Paragliding by Abruzzofly

The Peligna Valley creates the ideal conditions to take flight with a paraglider and admire the peaks of the Apennines from a privileged perspective. Tandem flight allows you to experience the thrill of soaring in the air in total safety.


  • Pacentro - Pescasseroli (72 Km/44,7 mi)

Pescasseroli is a pretty town and main tourist center in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park.


Paragliding in Abruzzo





  • Pescasseroli


Abruzzo National Park experiences:

Trekking and E-bike by Wildlife Adventures

The Abruzzo National Park is located in an area where you can immerse yourself completely in the wilderness and do it in a completely respectful way by walking or riding an E-bike.


Trekking and Wildlife watching by Ecotur

The desire to experience nature and respect it with the awareness of environmental issues is the main topic that accompanies the excursions inside the park where, with a little patience, you can observe the symbolic animals of the Abruzzo National Park such as bears, deer and wolves.


Wildlife Watching in Abruzzo





  • Pescasseroli - Palena (71,6 Km/44,5 mi)

Palena is located in the heart of the Majella National Park, is a pretty mountain village considered the orchids place and is crossed by the Aventino stream.


Majella National Park experiences:

Canyoning by Abruzzo Adventures

The rapids of the Aventino flow just a stone's throw from the village of Palena and the morphology of this river makes it particularly suitable for canyoning.





  • Palena - Vasto (80,2 Km/49,8 mi)

Vasto is a beautiful and interesting coastal town where the Coast of Trabocchi ends with what is considered the most beautiful beach in Abruzzo.

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Coast of Trabocchi experiences:

Navigating by Abruzzo Skipper

If visiting the Coast of Trabocchi along the S.S. 16 offers many emotions, being able to admire it from the sea is an equally beautiful experience that can be done aboard small boats.


  • Vasto - Pescara (73,5 Km/45,7 mi)



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Navigating in Abruzzo


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