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5 days in Molise: Neverland





Why visit Molise?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Molise by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the tour "Molise road trip".

A tour of Molise by car will allow you to ascertain with your own eyes that Molise actually exists and is a region rich in nature that ranges from some of the pristine beaches of the Adriatic to the Apennine peaks where the small villages are still an integral part of the regional culture.

March to November is the best time to visit Molise.


Santuario di Castelpetroso



Molise road trip in 5 days




  • Termoli

Termoli with its cathedral close to the sea is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy




  • Termoli - Lake Guardialfiera (34,7 Km/21,6 mi)

Lake Guardialfiera is an artificial basin into an important nature reserve


  • Lake Guardialfiera - Civitacampomarano (16,7 Km/10,4 mi)

Civitacampomarano is a medieval village dominated by the Angevin castle


  • Civitacampomarano - Campobasso (36 Km/22,4 mi)

Campobasso is the regional capital, a historic center dominated by the Monforte Castle




  • Campobasso - Guardiaregia Campochiaro Reserve (21,7 Km/13,5 mi)

The Campochiaro Guardiaregia Reserve is characterized by various karst phenomena including some of the deepest caves in Europe


  • Guardiaregia Campochiaro Reserve - Roccamandolfi (25,7 Km/16 mi)

Roccamandolfi is a village dominated by a mighty castle, in its vicinity you can find a curious tibetan bridge


  • Roccamandolfi - Castelpetroso (15,7 Km/9,8 mi)

Castelpetroso is famous for the presence of a beautiful sanctuary surrounded by nature


  • Roccamandolfi - Isernia (14,7 Km/16 mi)

Isernia is an ancient city with an interesting archaeological area


Cerro al Volturno




  • Isernia - Volturno springs (21,8 Km/13,5 mi)

The springs of the Volturno arise within an interesting naturalistic area


  • Volturno springs - Cerro al Volturno (7,5 Km/4,6 mi)

Cerro al Volturno is a pretty village located on a hill at the top of which stands a castle


  • Cerro al Volturno - Natural reserve Collemeluccio (37,4 Km/23,2 mi)

The Collemeluccio Reserve is one of the 8 biosphere reserves of Italy


  • Natural reserve Collemeluccio - Pietrabbondante (6,3 Km/3,9 mi)

Pietrabbondante is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Samnite era




  • Pietrabbondante - Bagnoli del Trigno (19,2 Km/11,9 mi)

Bagnoli del Trigno is a village surrounded by rocks and is called the "Pearl of Molise"


  • Bagnoli del Trigno - Trivento (23,1Km/14,3 mi)

Trivento is famous for its 365-step staircase leading to the upper part of the village


  • Trivento - Petacciato (53,5 Km/33,2 mi)

Petacciato is a seaside resort characterized by pristine beaches


  • Petacciato - Termoli (14,3 Km/8,9 mi)


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Bagnoli sul Trigno



What to do in Molise:

  • Visit one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Italy, the sanctuary of Castelpetroso
  • Cross the Tibetan bridge of Roccamandolfi
  • Venture into the deepest caves in Europe within the Guardiaregia Campochiaro Reserve


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