Coast of Trabocchi: the suggestive Abruzzo coast



D'Annunzio promontory

The trabocchi

Did you know that the Abruzzo coast is called "Coast of Trabocchi"? The Coast of Trabocchi is characterized by the presence of dozens of trabocchi, particular structures used for fishing which extend over the sea.

The trabocchi are stilts connected to the beach by a long walkway and, although their origins are unknown, their purpose has always been to facilitate fishing.

Over the years some of these structures have been completely or partially destroyed by the storms, but for some time now, several trabocchi have been redeveloped transforming them into real restaurants on the sea.


Trabocco Punta Punciosa illuminated


The Coast of Trabocchi

Coast of Trabocchi is a stretch of coast of about 50 km which extends in the territory of the province of Chieti from Ortona to Vasto even if some trabocchi are present as far as the Gargano.

This stretch of the Abruzzo coast is of unique beauty. Many beaches are unspoiled and often accessible only through stairs that allow you to descend the cliffs behind them, they can be of fine sand, pebbles or rocky but all have a single common denominator... the crystal clear water of the sea.

Every year many places on the Coast of Trabocchi are awarded with the Blue Flag, some of the most beautiful beaches are Ripari di Giobbe, Punta Penna, Punta dell'Acquabella but the most famous is Punta Aderci. Located within a nature reserve in the municipality of Vasto, Punta Aderci is a real paradise surrounded by nature.


Trabocco Punta Aderci


Along the state road 16 along the coast you will cross vineyards, wheat crops and hills that descend almost to the sea and allow you to enjoy an extraordinary panorama. In some places it runs alongside the Adriatic Sea where trabocchi make the sea view even more suggestive.

Coast of Trabocchi has managed to maintain a unique charm also because it is not yet known to mass tourism but in recent years something has been moving to promote it as it deserves.

The conversion of some trabocchi into restaurants has allowed several visitors to experience the thrill of climbing over these buildings, being able to admire the Coast of Trabocchi from another perspective while eating good fresh fish.


Trabocco Punta Punciosa


The tourist offer on the trabocchi coast

In addition, the construction of the "Via verde dei Trabocchi", a cycle path built along the stretch of disused railway that runs along the coast from Francavilla al Mare to Vasto, is underway to strengthen the local tourist offer.

Some sections are already completed and I assure you that pedaling with this view of the sea is a unique emotion and I am sure that, once the work is completed, this cycle route will be among the most loved at a national level!

Along the Coast of Trabocchi there are places such as Ortona, Rocca San Giovanni, San Vito and Vasto which with their castles and medieval villages with belvedere overlooking the sea, enrich an area where nature has already done a good job.

The well-known poet Gabriele d'Annunzio was always attracted to the Costa dei Trabocchi so much that he bought a house in San Vito Chietino which today is known as Eremo d'Annunziano and is used as a museum.



Must see places near Coast of Trabocchi:

  • Ortona

Ortona is a town of ancient origins, boasts a wonderful coast and an Aragonese castle overlooking the sea

  • Abbey of Santa Maria in Venere, Fossacesia

The beautiful abbey of Santa Maria in Venere is located on the top of a hill overlooking the Coast of Trabocchi

  • Punta Aderci, Vasto

Punta Aderci is a marine reserve which has one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy