Virtual reality: the new frontier of tourism

Traveling at home with the VR technology


Did you know that you can visit wonderful places comfortably from the sofa at home? It is called virtual reality and is one of the latest found in the technological field that is revolutionizing different sectors of use, from video games to cinema but also medicine and tourism.

VR is in fact becoming increasingly popular in the tourism sector and many operators in the field are gearing up to use it as an effective means of promotion.


Virtual reality


Virtual reality consists of a 3D representation of a real or artificial environment in which the user can totally immerse himself in order to have the feeling of being literally in that place and it is precisely for this reason that it arouses the interest of travelers, tourists or even just curious who want to try the experience, albeit virtual, of being in a certain place.

There are two ways to live this experience:

 - Immersive virtual reality (provides for the use of a viewer that allows total immersion in the virtual world, effectively excluding the real one)

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 - Non immersive virtual reality (using a screen that allows, through mouse or keyboard, to interact with the virtual environment at 360%)

In the tourism sector of course, this technology is widely used because it allows you to intrigue without replacing reality in such a way as to entice the user to really visit the place admired virtually.

The VR in practice, allows you to visit with your eyes but not physically those places so dreamed in order to get a more detailed idea of ​​what a simple photo or video can give us, but it is also a means of being able to carefully choose the place where accomodate or the museum to visit in fact, in an fierce competitive context, increase these structures which provide virtual tours to potential customers as a means of self-promotion.


Virtual reality


Technology today is making great strides so get ready, in the not too distant future, to a new frontier of tourism in which the perception of what is real from what is not will be increasingly imperceptible and will allow anyone to live experiences of travel.

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Traveling is experiencing emotions .. feeling the atmosphere of the place, the warmth of the people, perceiving smells, being able to communicate with a passerby. Traveling also implies having to move from the sofa at home, driving a car, taking a plane, making an effort that makes the emotion of visiting a place more satisfying.

Virtual reality is the new frontier of tourism but it can never replace the thrill of travel!