Mount Chimera: the fire mountain

A land that has been burning for 2500 years



Mount Chimera at night


Did you know that in Turkey there is a mountain that has been burning for 2500 years? I'm talking about Mount Chimera, located in the south-west of the country in an area called Yanartas (burning stone) in the ancient region of Lycian where, from the bowels of the earth, dozens of flames have been generated for thousands of years making this area very suggestive in the eyes of tourists especially after sunset.

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It is believed that Mount Chimera takes its name from a disturbing mythological creature made up of various parts of animals that spewed fire from the mouth, in fact there are different theses that frame the origin of the legend of the Chimera in this region.


Mount Chimera flames


This phenomenon is caused by the methane deposits in the surrounding subsoil which, when they come into contact with the surface, generate spontaneous and perennial flames creating an unusual spectacle.

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A path that winds in an area of ​​about 5 km allows you to reach the tongues of fire distributed on this mythical Mount Chimera. Thousands of people come to the site every year to admire this curious spectacle of nature.


Mount Chimera flames


Obviously the best time to visit it and the most crowded is after sunset where, thanks to the lights offered by the earth, it is possible to appreciate this evocative phenomenon under another atmosphere.

The Lycian region, where Mount Chimera is located, is an area rich in history and nature with various archaeological sites between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea that can also be visited on foot thanks to a fascinating long-distance trekking known as the Lycian way which crosses the region with a trail of about 550 km.

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