Tirino: the clearest river in Europe



The thousand colors of Tirino River


The waters of Tirino river

Did you know that the Tirino is the clearest river in Europe? The Tirino is considered the cleanest river in Europe thanks to its crystal clear waters that flow into the Navelli plain, right in the heart of Abruzzo.

Although the title of cleanest river in Europe hangs in the balance every year between beautiful rivers in the Balkans, Greece, Ireland and Italy, however, the Tirino remains, with no doubts, the cleanest river in Italy .

The Tirino river owes its clarity to the icy waters that flow from the lake basins of Campo Imperatore, descend to the valley in a path about 25 km long through a dense system of tunnels and passages in the rock capable of filtering the water.

After traveling this long journey in which the rocks filter impurities, the waters of Tirino flow cleaner than ever through 3 springs located a short distance from each other and which feed the flow of the most beautiful river in Italy.


Tirino River


The springs of Tirino river

The springs of Tirino are Vatormina better known as Lake Capestrano that, a little further downstream, joins its flow to the spring of Presciano. Capo d'Acqua is the spring that contributes most to the water flow of the Tirino and comes from the opposite bank to the first two.

This last spring, before flowing into the Tirino, generates the Capo d'Acqua Lake which, thanks to the crystal clear water and some old submerged mills, is one of the most important destinations for diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

Several other small springs feed the river along its course and contribute to oxygenate the water even more, creating the ideal conditions for some rare animal species such as the brown trout and the crayfish.

The crystalline water of the Tirino allows optimal visibility of the seabed which, illuminated by the sun's rays that penetrate all the way, gives life to a splendid ecosystem of aquatic plants that vaguely seems a coral reef.


Under the water of Tirino River


The colors of Tirino river

The Tirino river is a jubilation of colors ranging from the blue to the turquoise of the water to the various shades of green of the plants below, while along its banks the vegetation takes on very different colors depending on the current season.

The best way to enjoy this spectacle of nature is undoubtedly aboard a canoe which, sailing on the crystal clear waters of the Tirino river, seems to literally float in the air.

Among the many experiences in contact with nature in Abruzzo, the canoe ride on the Tirino river is one of the most beautiful and relaxing one's and allows anyone to experience this oasis of tranquility from a privileged perspective.

To try this special experience, you can contact the cooperative Il Bosso who, with great experience and professionalism, provides canoes with relative guides who accompany visitors to the most beautiful stretch of the Tirino river.


Tirino River in winter


Activities in the Tirino valley

During the canoe trip the guides will explain many interesting aspects related to the clearest river in Italy and, for children and the less attentive, there will still be the unique experience of rowing apparently suspended in the air while observing the shadow of one's own canoe reflected below us.

In addition to canoeing, along the banks of the Tirino river which is only a few tens of km long before flowing into Pescara River, it is possible to do other different sports and recreational activities organized by Il Bosso for all ages.

The Tirino river flows between the territories of Capestrano and Bussi within the Navelli Plain, an area rich in history where the remains of one of the symbols of Abruzzo were found, the Warrior of Capestrano statue.

Moreover from this valley, with a little attention, it is possible to see another of the Abruzzo symbols in Italy and in the world ... the beautiful Rocca Calascio Castle!


My impression:


The clarity and the many shades of colors of the Tirino river managed to positively surprise me. A corner of unspoiled nature that is a real paradise for those who visit it and allow themselves, as I did, the pleasure of navigating it on a canoe. The only flaw of the Tirino is that it only takes a few tens of kilometers before it flows into a river with very different characteristics!



Must see places near Tirino River:

  • Capestrano

Capestrano is a characteristic village dominated by the splendid Piccolomini Castle.

  • Navelli

Navelli is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is renowned for saffron.

  • Capodacqua Lake

Capodacqua Lake with its crystal clear waters is a must for diving enthusiasts.



Tirino River where to eat: