Barrea Lake: the deer lake



Barrea Lake


Lake Barrea in the land of deer

Did you know that Barrea Lake is the favorite place of deer within the Abruzzo National Park? The area around Barrea Lake is the ideal habitat for the many deer that populate the protected area and it is not difficult to meet them at its shores.

Deer were reintroduced to the Park in the early 70's when this species had almost completely disappeared. The success of this repopulation is clearly visible in the territory of Barrea Lake where a real settlement of deer grazes freely among the woods and clearings of the place.

The discreet presence of deer in this corner of Abruzzo frequented by tourists and hikers, has made the animals very confident towards man, so much so that it is not difficult to see them stop near the lake close from the beaches or strolling through the magnificent villages of Barrea, Civitella Alfedena and Villetta Barrea.

It is precisely in Villetta Barrea that deer are so much at home that they have taken over the municipal villa and you can often find them along the main streets of the village in the almost indifference of the inhabitants of the village.


Villetta Barrea


Characteristics of Lake Barrea

Lake Barrea is an artificial basin created by the damming of the Sangro river in the early 1950s and its maximum dimensions are approximately 4.6 km long and 500 meters wide with a depth of 35 meters.

The lake is located at an altitude of 980 meters in a geographical position that embraces different environments with different characteristics and which allows the presence of a high quantity of plants, sometimes rare, as well as attracting numerous animal species.

For these reasons the entire area is protected according to the guidelines of the Ramsar Convention which recognizes Lake Barrea as a wetland of international importance. In fact, in 1977 it was included among the 18 protected wetlands of Italy in which to start programs for the conservation of flora and fauna.

Some of these important programs for the protection of fauna are the wolf and lynx reserves of Civitella Alfedena and the bird of prey center of Barrea.




Sports and activities in Lake Barrea

Barrea Lake is located within the Abruzzo National Park in a tourist-oriented territory where there are accommodation facilities and where it is possible to practice various sports and pure relaxation activities.

The reservoir is ideal for sports such as sport fishing, windsurfing and canoeing for the more experienced, but it is also possible to rent pedal boats for experiences within everyone's reach that allow you to enjoy the landscape around from a special perspective.

The mountains surrounding the lake of Barrea are also ideal places for excursions of various difficulties that allow you to reach the highest peaks or admire an unspoiled nature where the local fauna lives peacefully.

Barrea Lake has recently been granted a bathing permit following specific water analyzes. This concession is an important aid for local activities and to officially confirm, if needed, the good health of a place already highly appreciated by visitors.


Barrea Lake


Villages on Lake Barrea

There are 3 villages overlooking the lake of Barrea and which, in addition to enjoying a unique panorama, are able to offer an excellent welcome in their charming medieval historic centers

Barrea is the most important village of the homonymous lake which dominates from above. Its historic center made up of alleys, fountains and belvedere is simply splendid and enjoys the most beautiful view of the lake from the top of its medieval castle.

A few kilometers further downstream we meet Villetta Barrea also known as "The Village among the Deer" due to the undisturbed presence of several specimens of this cute mammal.

Civitella Alfedena is the smallest of the three villages and its slightly secluded position compared to the others has contributed to maintaining its authentic aspect of a medieval village without too many contaminations deriving from the tourist aspect of the territory. In Civitella it is possible to get lost in its narrow streets from which you can glimpse the wonderful surrounding mountains.


My impression:


Barrea Lake is a truly special place and it is one of those places I go to at least once a year because the atmosphere in this place is unique. Another must is the pretty village of Barrea where you can admire the lake from a privileged perspective while walking through the alleys of a well-kept village.



Must see places near Barrea Lake:

  • Camosciara (6 Km/3,7 mi)

Camosciara is a well-equipped and well-kept park where you can spend a day immersed in nature

  • Barrea (2 Km/1,2 mi)

Barrea is a beautiful village that dominates the lake of the same name from above and enjoys a unique panorama

  • Scanno (18,2Km/11,3 mi)

Scanno is a pretty village which, together with the lake of the same name, is part of one of the most important tourist areas in Abruzzo



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