Bomarzo: the maze of monsters

A sacred wood inhabited by nice monumental monsters



The monster of Bomarzo


Did you know that in Bomarzo there is a mysterious forest inhabited by monumental monsters? In the Lazio village of Bomarzo, various strange and enigmatic sculptures of monsters, divinities and animals populate a labyrinthine wood, arousing the curiosity of visitors.

The Monsters Park of Bomarzo is a wooded area accessible by paying an entrance ticket and this allows to maintain an adequate level of maintenance which is essential to safeguard the sculptures from the deterioration of time.

Villa of wonders and Sacred Wood are other names attributed to this park of about 3 hectares in the province of Viterbo composed mainly of coniferous and broad-leaved trees and where the basalt, the volcanic rock with which the sculptures were made, is very present.


Neptune of Bomarzo


Although today the monumental park of Bomarzo appears as an attraction for children that surprises even the parents, it was originally built with the intention of creating something enigmatic and grotesque that would guide the visitor along a path "purifier"

In the 16th century it was prince Pier Francesco Orsini , better known as Vicino Orsini , who commissioned the well-known architect Pirro Ligorio to build a "grove" "with a profound meaning as a tribute to his late wife Giulia Farnese .

The purpose of Prince Vicino was to confuse but at the same time guide those who visited the wood through a labyrinth of symbols, phrases and mythological references in an "initiatic" path that elevated the soul in a context in which each element has its own meaning.


Three-headed dog from Bomarzo


In a place considered for children it is not easy to project yourself into the 16th century following the purification path conceived by the creator of the Sacred Wood but, with a little effort, it is possible to be dragged into this sort of live video game in which distorted reality, enigmatic clues and disorientation, confuse and stimulate the visitor at the same time.

"You who enter here, consider what you see and then tell me if so many wonders are made for deception or for art

"Who does not pass through this place absorbed and in silence, does not even appreciate the famous seven wonders of the world

These are the inscriptions on the two sphinxes placed right at the entrance to the park to welcome the visitors and warn them that what he is about to see will project them outside the box, causing a sense of disquiet necessary to face the path as it was conceived.


The Venus of Bomarzo


Among the dozens of statues scattered in the park, some of these stand out more than others for their size and symbolic importance, in fact it is a must to stop in front of the mouth of the Orc , admire the strength of Hercules or worship deities such as Neptune .

All the statues of The Monsters Park of Bomarzo arouse curiosity and fun making it a perfect place to spend a few hours having fun and taking dozens of photos.

If the park were not enough, it deserves a visit the homonym medieval village where, in recent times, the Pyramid of Bomarzo was brought to light. It is an important Etruscan construction still shrouded in mystery today.


My impression:


Although I have already been twice to the Monters Park of Bomarzo, the desire to return is great and as soon as my daughter is old enough to appreciate it, I will definitely bring her so that I can experience it with her emotions through her smiles and her questions.

Upon entering the park, the desire to roam free in this labyrinth in search of monsters is strong but my advice is to consult the map provided with the entrance ticket in order not to miss any of the hidden sculptures.

My favorite was definitely the Leaning House!



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  • Bomarzo (1,6 Km/1 mi)

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