Rasiglia: village of streams



Small waterfall in Rasiglia


The village of streams

Did you know that Rasiglia is the village of streams? In Rasiglia, a small fraction of Foligno, several streams flow right next to the old houses of the small village, creating a unique spectacle that seems to immerse visitors in a fairy tale.

Rasiglia in fact seems to be one of those places described by the words of a writer or depicted on the cover of a children's book, but Rasiglia really exists and is as beautiful as you would imagine reading a story.

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In this splendid Umbrian village the nature, with its lush green mountains and the clear water that flows between the houses, is in perfect harmony with the village and the streams, interspersed with some small waterfalls, blend into the streets and stairways of the small town.

The constant sound of water flowing under the windows of the houses replaces the urban noise of cars and scooters and reminds visitors and inhabitants that here man is literally hosted by nature and, in the case of Rasiglia, it is a successful combination.


Bridge and mills in Rasiglia


Streams and waterfalls of Rasiglia

All this beauty comes from the Capovena spring that flows clear and disruptive all year round from a cave located right in the upper part of the village from which the spring water comes branched out inside the village through artificial canals that lap the houses.

The water is directed through the village and then flows into a pool known as " Peschiera ", a sort of crystal-clear pool where you would desire to immerse yourself in the hottest days.

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This large pool, in a context like Rasiglia, is comparable to the classic village square but here there are no Sunday markets or patronal feasts to do, it is not a meeting point for the inhabitants, this square should only be admired in its beauty and uniqueness!

From Peschiera, the water continues its descent ending in the Menotre river which flows right at the base of the Umbrian village! Other springs also flow into the river such as that of Alzabove and Venarella which are all within a short distance.


Peschiera of Rasiglia


Rasiglia tourist attraction

Rasiglia is a beautiful tourist destination but in the past it was an important textile processing center thanks to the considerable water supply that allowed its production and still today there are several mills and wash houses where water plays a fundamental role in the works that have allowed the village to flourish.

The fundamental role of water in this village has allowed Rasiglia to be also known as "the little Venice of Umbria" even if the similarities with the famous Venetian city are limited to the importance of water in both.

"Miracle Rasiglia" is another definition attributed to the village of streams to indicate the fact that, a tiny mountain hamlet, attracts hundreds of tourists every day despite the 1997 earthquake put a strain on the area, risking to make this small reality that has about 50 inhabitants fall into oblivion.

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Fortunately, local institutions have managed to cope with the constant rise in the number of visitors by improving the road system and the tourist offer of the area. In fact, the village is very well cared for and full of services such as parking lots, restaurants and bars.


Streams of Rasiglia


Events in Rasiglia

In addition, every year in Rasiglia various events are held to attract visitors and, the uniqueness of this small village, allows itself to particular and out of the ordinary events that would lose their charm in any other place.

"Penelope a Rasiglia" is held in June, an important event to commemorate the textile activities, the main source of the local economy during the centuries, through poems, stories and theatrical interpretations.

The typical local crafts of the past are also protagonists in "Rasiglia nativity village", another important event that takes place during the Christmas period and features various characters in a very popular living present.



My impression about Rasiglia:


I'am honest, I did not know Rasiglia and it has never been between the stops of my various visits to Umbria. It was recommended to me during my last trip to the green heart of Italy and it was a very welcome surprise. An unexpected stop, where I found myself almost by chance but which left me speechless!

If you want to visit a fairytale place, surrounded by nature and easy to access, Rasiglia is the perfect place. A small village but with an added value given by the crystalline water that runs through it and the green of the surrounding mountains, a mix that I am sure will make you fall in love! 


Have you ever been to Rasiglia?

Tell your experience in the comments or ask me a question.



Must see places in Rasiglia:

  • Castle of Moro

The ruins of the Castle of Moro is what remains of the fortress of Trinci where to admire the village from above

  • Stone mill

The stone mill is one of the symbols of how water was fundamental for the village

  • Antique textile loom

The ancient loom is inside a structure once used as a wool mill



Must see places near Rasiglia:

  • Altolina Park (14,2 Km/8,8 mi)

In the Altolina Park it is possible to admire the Menotre waterfalls, the Abbadessa caves and the hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe

  • Foligno (20 Km/12,4 mi)

Foligno is a city with an interesting historic center

  • Spello (24 Km/14,9 mi)

Spello is the village of flowers



Rasiglia where to eat: