Gubbio and the biggest Christmas tree in the world



Christmas tree of Gubbio

Picture by MondoVagandoSenzaMeta


Gubbio and the record Christmas tree

Did you know that in Gubbio there is the largest Christmas tree in the world? In the Umbrian city every year, the largest Christmas tree in the world is set up by a group of volunteers and has rightfully entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The tree of Gubbio, which measures 750 meters high and 450 meters wide at the base, is actually a representation made with hundreds of lights on the slopes of Mount Ingino and gives a touch of magic to an already beautiful city.

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The largest Christmas tree in the world has been lighting up Gubbio since 1981, when a group of volunteers, known as "Alberaioli", decided to carry out this ambitious work in honor of the patron Saint Ubaldo.

The tip of the tree corresponds precisely with the beautiful sanctuary of the patron saint placed on top of Mount Ingino at 827 meters above sea level, which can also be reached thanks to a convenient cable car that leads from the historic center of Gubbio to the top in about 8 minutes.


Coloreted square in Gubbio

Picture by MondoVagandoSenzaMeta


The lighting of the Christmas tree in Gubbio

During the Christmas period, Gubbio is a favorite destination for many visitors from all over the world who come to admire the gigantic illumination representation, welcomed by numerous events and markets that make Christmas unique in the medieval village.

On December 7th of each year, as usual, the lighting of the tree is held during an event that often sees protagonists some characters who represent institutional or religious positions and involves the entire city.

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In Gubbio the lights of this record tree will turn on again on December 7th 2022 and if you too want to participate in its realization, it is possible to adopt a light complete with a personalized dedication at a small cost in order to contribute to the costs.

If you want to adopt a light of the Gubbio tree, visit this page where, in addition to donating a small contribution for the creation of this Guinness Book of Records tree, you can read the dedications of the many benefactors who adopt a light every year.


Palace of the consuls in gubbio

Picture by MondoVagandoSenzaMeta


Gubbio, the most beautiful medieval city

Visitors who come for the tree are often fascinated by what is defined by many as "the most beautiful medieval city" and, among those I have visited, I can only agree with this statement.

Gubbio is also called the "gray city" because of the limestone blocks with which the buildings are built that manage to give the city a uniform appearance without being monotonous. Guido Piovene called it "sublime monotony"!

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The splendid Umbrian city is spread over 5 parallel streets placed on several levels and connected to each other through stairways and alleys. The buildings, built in the classic medieval style, have kept their conditions intact and the numerous coats of arms that color them, give the streets of the historic center a particular atmosphere.

The Piazza Grande, the Sanctuary of Sant'Ubaldo, Palazzo dei Consoli and many other places make this small city a real jewel that manages to transport visitors to Gubbio back in time to breathe the medieval atmosphere of that time.


The fountain of the mad in Gubbio


The madman of Gubbio

In Gubbio you can also go crazy! Tradition tells that, if a visitor completes 3 laps running around the "fountain of the mad" and then is bathed by the same water, he becomes a citizen of the village, proudly earning the title of "honorary madman of Gubbio"!

Obviously I could not exempt myself from this tradition and, after having patiently waited for the children to finish having fun around the Fountain of Bargello, my round of fun for obtain the driving license from Gubbio .

This tradition is evidently not yet well known by all visitors to Gubbio considering the astonished reactions of many people but it is these reactions that confirm that they have deserved a crazy license! 


My impression about Gubbio:


The first time I visited Gubbio, I was amazed by how this city has managed to preserve an authentic medieval charm that seems to take you back in time despite some artifices that make it more accessible to visitors.

The second time I visited it during the Christmas period and it seemed to me a completely different city but equally fascinating thanks to the magic of Christmas.


Have you ever been to Gubbio?

Tell your experience in the comments or ask me a question.



Must see places in Gubbio:

  • Piazza Grande

Piazza Grande is the main meeting point of the city, a medieval urbanistic work of considerable invoice

  • Sanctuary of Saint Ubaldo

The sanctuary of Saint Ubaldo dominates Gubbio on top of Mount Ingino

  • Roman theater

The Roman Theater of Gubbio is one of the most important Romanesque works in the Umbrian territory



Must see places near Gubbio:

  • Perugia (41 Km/25 mi)

Perugia is the regional capital and boasts an important historical heritage

  • Assisi (56 Km/35 mi)

Assisi is the city of San Francesco, therefore with a strong religious connotation

  • Spello (64 Km/40 mi)

Spello is the village of flowers