I love to travel! I love Abruzzo!



Roccascalegna castle


I discovered this passion several years ago when I organized my first DIY trip. I like to study an itinerary, write on a sheet the stages not to be missed, distribute them on a map and join them harmoniously to optimize the route. As in the simplest of the games of the puzzle week, I join my numbered dots and create a drawing.. my perfect itinerary!

The drawing that comes out of it remains in my mind. If anyone asks what is my itinerary, I am ready to list the stages in rigorous chronological order accompanied by the movement of my finger that connects them virtually on a hypothetical map.

Living the journey I designed means coloring it. The dots to be joined may also be the same for other people but the colors I decide to use are only the result of my emotions. Everyone reacts differently and living the journey means coloring your dream, your travel idea with your emotions.

Over the years I have designed many travel routes around the world and I have colored them. I have experienced many beautiful emotions that our planet has given us.

I'm not the only one to draw travel, fortunately the world is full of them and often the dots of their itinerary are places in Abruzzo. Thinking that these people will be excited to visit my land makes me proud but at the same time disoriented.


Scanno lake


The country where I was born and raised is the dot of a Japanese who is on the other side of the world by designing a travel itinerary in Abruzzo where yhe ou can spend his well-deserved holidays. The next or even the previous dot that the Japanese will have to connect with each other are places where I usually go on Sunday.

I am Italian, I am from Abruzzo and my land is one of the most beautiful and most dreamed in the world, for me it is just normal, it is my home. I have never linked stages such as Rocca Calascio, Roccascalegna, Campo Imperatore, the Trabocchi coast and many other typical Sunday destinations of mine.

One day I said to myself, since I'm good at drawing travel itineraries, I put myself in the shoes of Japanese and prepare one in Abruzzo. I don't even need to study the stages, I know them, I have visited them several times. I just have to connect the dots. I have to think like a Japanese, or an American or a German.. so.. Rocca Calascio is among the 15 most beautiful castles in the world, National Geographic said it so I have to visit it. Campo Imperatore is called the little Tibet, who knows if I will ever go to Tibet, I might as well include it among my stops. There is the clearest river in Europe in Abruzzo, let's insert that too. How cute, there is also a heart-shaped lake. I keep adding numerous stages to my drawing and I think "Wow this Abruzzo is really beautiful!"


Church Santa Maria Pieta Rocca Calascio castle


I take my clothes on for a moment and realize that the Japanese is really lucky, he is organizing a trip to the greener region in Europe, full of natural beauty and history and will experience strong emotions right in my Abruzzo. I feel almost envious of him because in his shoes I would feel very lucky to undertake this wonderful journey. I also think of what he will tell his friends on his return to Japan.

Well, my itinerary in Abruzzo is ready! I would like to share it with the whole world because probably some other Japanese want to organize a trip but still don't know where. I would like to recommend Abruzzo to him because I'am sure he will thank me. I would like to recommend Abruzzo to him because other more famous destinations will not give him the same emotions.

I would like to tell him that whoever visits Abruzzo is lucky, a lucky Abruzzese tells you!