What are the most useful apps during a trip

Traveling in the era of smartphones


Traveling is now increasingly within everyone's reach and the number of people who do it is constantly growing.

The main cause of the increase in travelers is the advent of the internet in fact, thanks to it, anyone is put in the condition to be able to organize and book everything you need to take a bag and leave.

In recent years, in particular, smartphones have made the use of the internet even more accessible anywhere in the world, thus being able to count on a fundamental support tool for traveling and this thanks to the many apps available, some of which are truly indispensable for today.

Here is a list of essential apps not only in the organization phase, but especially during the trip in which, not having our PC available, we can only count on our Smartphone always in your pocket.


App to travel



Do you need to book a hotel, hostel or tree house? Rely on Booking, the most used app in the world for finding accommodation, with its thousands of rooms all over the world, for the services offered and reliability, it is certainly one of the first apps that you will use in planning your trip.


Google maps

Google, the computer technology giant, in addition to providing a valid search engine that can be used in organizing your travels, in recent years has developed interesting apps that help in everyday life. One of all is undoubtedly Google maps, a real navigator that can also be used offline by downloading the maps in advance, constantly updated and very efficient that have made it the most used app in the world for this type of service. A road navigator also useful for those who use public transport and it provides the opportunity to find locations and reviews of countless restaurants, museums, monuments, etc.


Google translate

Google is also constantly working on enhancing this instant translation app which is also able to translate by scanning texts directly with the camera, moreover the possibility of voice translation in various languages ​​is very convenient.


Google trips

It seems that the American giant has focused heavily on the world of travel. With Google trips it is possible to save all your travel reservations, have access to information and discounts on the most famous attractions and plan your own itinerary using the recommended ones.



It is an app that tracks air traffic and provides real-time expected and actual times of the flights of our interest, making it very useful during stopovers. This app also allows you to be informed about a series of aircraft characteristics and there is even an updated map with the planes that pass overhead.


The apps are of great help but many of these, due to their characteristics, can only work with a data connection and often when you are traveling, it is not possible to have it or it is very expensive and therefore finding a free Wi-Fi connection could be very helpful. Instabridge was born precisely to help the search for free or password-protected Wi-Fi by the users of the app and of course it can also be used offline!

XE Currency

The app of the simple calculator would also suffice and inquire in advance about the exchange rate to get an idea of ​​how much that beautiful hat that we are going to buy costs in our currency, but I would also like to point out XE Currency which does