Lavino Park: the turquoise oasis

Sulphurous springs that color an equipped park



Lavino Park



Did you know that in the Lavino Park there are sulphurous springs that give the water a turquoise color ? This curious color that makes the Lavino Park one of the most popular in Abruzzo is attributable to the presence of particular sulphates dissolved in the waters of the Lavino river

The waters of the Lavino river flow into the park in some ponds that acquire a strong turquoise and blue color which, in contrast to the surrounding vegetation, create a real spectacle of nature!

Traveling along the paths inside the area you can admire a rich vegetation of a spontaneous nature but also planted by man in a suitable natural context, this vegetation is mainly composed of willows, poplars, maples, elderberries, hawthorns and rush.


Lavino Park


In this particular habitat live animals such as foxes, martens and badgers as well as numerous species of birds including Kingfisher and river nightingale find in the Lavino waters an excellent food resource.

The Lavino Park is a protected natural area that occupies about 40 hectares within which there are spaces equipped for picnics, baths and games for children. On the busiest days, you will find Legambiente volunteers to manage the park who will be able to provide you with all the information you want to ask for.

To escape from the summer heat and enjoy a day out, the Lavino Park is perfect because it combines nature, relaxation and fun inside an equipped area where you can also light fires for embers in a well-defined area .

For the more sporty, the park has a football field, a cycle path that marks the boundaries of the park and several hiking trails.


Lavino Park


By following one of these hikes you can reach the Farnese mill , a structure dating back to 1600 which functioned until a few years ago and, although the vegetation around it is regaining its space, it retains its charm.

The Farnese mill, thanks to the contribution of the waters of the Lavino river, was used in the crushing of cereals and is characterized by a horizontal wheel system that activated three pairs of millstones. A technology that in the sixteenth century was called "advanced".

Personally, I always go willingly to the Lavino park with family or friends because it is a unique place and it is very easy to reach from any direction.



Must see places in Lavino Park:

  • Farnese mill

The Farnese mill is a 17th century structure used until a few years ago

  • Turquoise lakes

The lakes of the Lavino Park are the main attraction of the reserve

  • Lavino river

The Lavino river is the author of the turquoise color of the park



Must see places near Lavino Park:

  • Cusano falls (8,4 Km/5,2 mi)

The Cusano waterfall ends in a natural pool, the path to reach it is truly spectacular

  • Orfento valley (16,7 Km/10,3 mi)

The Orfento Valley is the canyon created by the homonymous stream and one of the most visited in Abruzzo

  • S.Bartolomeo hermitage (12 Km/7,5 mi)

The hermitage of S.Bartolomeo is set in the rock and is considered one of the 10 most beautiful hermitages in Italy



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