Aielli: the murals village

When street art meets history and astronomy



Murals Aielli



Did you know that Aielli is a village characterized by dozens of murals ? In fact, recently the town overlooking the Fucino plain has focused heavily on street art to give added value to its tourist offer.

Several international artists have made Aielli an open-air museum by creating masterpieces of modern art on the facades of the buildings of the old village that the municipal administration and the inhabitants have made available.

One of the largest and most colorful works of art by Aielli has been included by the online art gallery Widewalls , among the 55 most beautiful murals in the world of 2019. It's the work of the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel who, with his unmistakable style characterized by geometric figures, created the street art symbol of Aielli.


Murals of Okuda San Miguel in Aielli


Walking through the streets of the village I was pleasantly enchanted by this art form that has transformed a pretty village in Abruzzo into a point of reference for various artists who meet in Aielli every summer to participate in the Borgo Universo Festival.

Most of the murals inside the village are focused on the theme of astronomy as Aielli is also known for the presence of a medieval tower inside which there is an important astronomical observatory.

The tower is called " Torre delle Stelle " and is located in an ideal position for an astronomical observatory. In addition, it also houses the " museum of the stars " to give visitors a complete experience of the cosmos.


Murals Aielli


In addition to the lively colored murals, some walls of the village have been used to transcribe the full text of the Italian constitution and the novel Fontamara . The famous novel by Ignazio Silone was entirely transcribed by the artist Alleg on one of the largest walls in the country dedicated to street art.

Aielli has a strong link with the novel Fontamara, so much so that the homonymous film with Michele Placido was filmed in the village of the province of L'Aquila.

Located within the Velino-Sirente regional park, Aielli enjoys a suggestive panorama overlooking the Fucino plain where once stood one of the largest lakes in Italy. In its vicinity it is possible to make several excursions in the surrounding mountains, one of the best hikes is inside the Aielli-Celano gorges, considered one of the most beautiful canyons in the central Apennines. 


Aielli murales Fontamara



My impression:


I discovered Aielli thanks to the FAI list of the most loved places in Italy and as soon as I could I visited it, first of all finding a pleasant hospitality of the inhabitants who actually in recent years have seen the number of visitors greatly increase. The welcome was followed by the surprise that this small village gave me thanks to high level murals and a fabulous view!



Must see places in Aielli:

  • Clock tower
  • Tower of the Stars
  • Solar clock and murals of Fontamara



Must see places near Aielli:

  • Gorges of Celano (2,8 Km/1,7 mi)

Gorges of Celano are one of the most beautiful canyons in Italy

  • Castle of Celano (10 Km/6,2 mi)

Castle of Celano is an imposing fortress that dominates the Fucino plain

  • Alba Fucens (23,7 Km/14,7 mi)

Alba Fucens is an archaeological site of an ancient Roman city



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