Lake Scanno: the heart-shaped lake

The most romantic lake in Abruzzo



The heart-shaped of Scanno lake



Did you know that close to the Abruzzo National Park there's a heart-shaped lake? Lake Scanno doesn't actually have the shape of a heart but there is a certain observation point that actually gives this impression.

You can reach the panoramic point from which you have this wonderful view, by walking on a path called " the path of the heart" which in half an hour's walk through the woods will take you to a point where the sight will leave you speechless. Lake Scanno will magically appear to you in the shape of a heart nestled in the surrounding mountains.

The lake of Scanno is the largest natural basin in the region, is located at 922 meters above sea level and was formed by the barrier of the Sagittario river following a landslide on Monte Genzana.



The lake is one of the main attractions of the Sagittario Valley . Especially in summer there are many vacationers who decide to spend the day on its shores to escape the heat and take advantage of the many activities that can be done in its vicinity.

Whether you are a sportsman or simply want to relax on one of the sun loungers located on the small equipped beaches, the structures adjacent to Lake Scanno provide numerous services for all needs.

For lovers sports you can practice surfing and canoeing enjoying the surrounding landscape directly from the center of the lake, also mountain lovers will have several hiking trails on the Marsican mountains where you could also spot a bear symbol of Abruzzo.

A short distance away from the beautiful lake, there is the pretty village of Scanno which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Lake Scanno church


Scanno retains a Medieval charm made of centuries-old culture and traditions, walking through the narrow alleys inside the historic center, you can admire palaces and churches characterized by different architectural details that enrich it with charm.

In the small village there are about 2000 souls but often a few Marsican bears claim their belonging to the territory wandering through the streets of the historic center in search of food in what is also his home.

The multiple activities present in the area, as well as the vicinity to the lake of the same name, often fills Scanno with tourists who enjoy the welcome of its inhabitants. Among the most important events, "Ju catenacce" every August 14th, attracts many visitors to attend an important historical re-enactment in which women wear a traditional costume symbol of the art of embroidery of Scanno.




My impression:


Lake Scanno is a place that I literally have in my heart! One of those classic destinations for going out on a Sunday to which I dedicate at least one visit a year to enjoy the beauties offered by the land of bears. Even just taking the panoramic road to reach it fills my eyes in fact there are many places in its vicinity that deserve to be visited making Lake Scanno a destination for several days too. A relaxing and romantic place that I highly recommend and that will enter your heart!



Must see places in Lake Scanno:

  • Path of the heart

The path of the heart is the path that in about 30 'walk leads to the viewpoint from which to admire Lake Scanno in particular heart shape

  • Madonna del Lago church

The church of Madonna del Lago is right next to the road that runs along the lake and from there you can enjoy a beautiful view



Must see places near Scanno lake:

  • Lake San Domenico (5 Km/3,1 mi)

The lake of San Domenico is defined as the emerald lake for its magnificent chromatic shades

  • Scanno (4 Km/2,5 mi)

Scanno is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and it is not uncommon to meet a bear walking through its streets

  • Barrea (36 Km/22,4 mi)

Barrea is a pretty village overlooking the homonymous lake from above

  • Gorges of Sagittario (15 Km/9,3 mi)

The Gorges of Sagittario is a nature reserve located inside a canyon carved by the clear Sagittario River



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