Mount Bromo: volcano with a lunar landscape



The lunar landscape of Mount Bromo


The lunar landscape of Mount Bromo

Did you know that Mount Bromo is located in a lunar landscape? The Bromo volcano, on the island of Java in Indonesia, is located within an immense arid and sandy volcanic caldera that seems to transport visitors directly to the Moon.

The devastating explosion of the Tengger about 45,000 years ago caused the collapse of the volcano leaving a large expanse of volcanic sand and rocks where several other volcanoes subsequently formed which contribute to giving this area a suggestive lunar aspect.

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The Caldera of Tengger, in addition to Mount Bromo, contains other 3 active volcanoes such as Mount Kursi , Mount Watangan and Mount Widodaren but there are also several now inactive volcanoes with peaks that well exceed 2000 meters.

The "sea of ​​sand" on the slopes of Mount Bromo has been a protected area since 1919 and this has helped to preserve a fantastic territory which, due to the constant flow of tourists, was in danger of be overwhelmed by asphalt and concrete.


The crater of Bromo volcano


The crater of the Bromo volcano

In the midst of this huge expanse of sand rises, at an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level, the crater of Mount Bromo, a huge chasm inside the bowels of the earth from which smoke constantly escapes.

To reach the crater of Mount Bromo it is necessary to rely on a tour operator that provides adequate transport with driver to tackle the sandy and treacherous roads of the Tengger Valley which lead to their destination.

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The last hundreds of meters that separate the jeep parking from the crater, must be tackled either on foot or by riding small horses made available by the local population for a fee, while the last stretch is composed of a steep staircase of 253 steps.

After reaching the top of the crater of the Bromo Volcano, the effort will be rewarded by a memorable view of the surrounding lunar landscape and by the thrill of the impressive chasm in which many locals usually throw away personal items and animals as a wish for good luck.


Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park


Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

The panorama that can be admired from the crater of Mount Bromo sweeps 360° over the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, a renowned protected area located in the south-eastern part of the Indonesian island of Java. 

The national park extends over a vast area that also includes Mount Semeru, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia as well as the highest peak on the island of Java with its 3676 meters above sea level.

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The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park boasts a remarkable diversity of landscapes in fact, in addition to the suggestive sandy sea at the foot of Mount Bromo and the high peaks of the volcanoes present, you can also find vast expanses greenery, rivers and lakes.

Within the protected area there are numerous treks starting from small villages such as Wonokitri, Probolinggo or Ranu Pani and many of these lead up to the top of Mount Pananjakan from where you probably have the best view of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park.


Horse on Mount Bromo


Sunrise on Mount Bromo

Mount Pananjakan is the favorite observation point for all tourists who are willing to admire the sunrise on Mount Bromo, a wonderful sight that illuminates the entire Tengger valley and all the volcanoes in the area!

When the daylight begins to illuminate the landscape below, you can admire the valley covered by a thick blanket of fog from which the peaks of the volcanoes peek out. A fantastic scenario perfect for spectacular photos.

The experience of seeing the sunrise on Mount Bromo, fully repays the long and cold wait while hundreds of people try to grab the best places in the viewpoint on Mount Pananjakan.



My impression about Mount Bromo:


Visiting Mount Bromo is a beautiful experience but so is the outline: the departure late at night, the bumpy jeep ride in the dark and under a never-before-seen fog as well as the wait for dawn with sub-zero temperatures and locals ready to sell used and battered coats to unwary tourists.

I have been to Indonesia several times for work and I have discovered a fantastic people who, despite having little, always live their humility with a smile on their face and it is a feature that encourages anyone to come back!


Have you ever been to Mount Bromo?

Tell your experience in the comments or ask me a question.



Must see places in Mount Bromo:

  • Tengger Valley
  • Crater of the volcano
  • Dawn



Must see places near Mount Bromo:

  • Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is the highest peak on the island of Java and one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia.

  • Ranu Pani

Ranu Pani is a small village surrounded by lakes and considered the starting point for excursions to Mount Semeru.

  • Mount Pananjakan

Mount Pananjakan is the most spectacular viewpoint from which to admire the sunrise over Mount Bromo and the Tengger Valley.