Loreto Aprutino: city of oil



Loreto Aprutino


Loreto Aprutino and the oil triangle

Did you know that Loreto Aprutino is part of the golden triangle of oil? Loreto Aprutino together with the neighboring municipalities of Pianella and Moscufo is part of the so-called "golden triangle of oil" formed by the towns that have received the recognition of "City of Oil" in the vestina area in the province of Pescara.

This area is in fact is very famous for the presence of numerous olive groves that every year produce large quantities of quality extra virgin olive oil. This olive production chain also includes the production of a fine type called extra virgin olive oil Aprutino Pescarese D.O.P.

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The recognition of Città dell'Olio is assigned to those territorial realities with a clear olive vocation committed to promoting extra virgin olive oil as a fundamental product in the agricultural, food and cultural tradition of our country and to enhance its production areas. The Cities of Oil in Abruzzo are 22!

The hilly territory of the Vestina area and a particularly favorable climate provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive groves and vineyards, in fact Loreto Aprutino also boasts a strong viticultural vocation thanks to the many vineyards from which quality wines are produced in the various wineries of Loreto, some of which are also internationally known.


Olive trees in Loreto Aprutino


Curiosity and history of Loreto Aprutino

Loreto Aprutino has very ancient origins but despite this, its historic center is well preserved and contains the classic medieval structure with entrance doors and where the houses are arranged on several connected levels between them through narrow streets and stairways.

The structure that dominates the upper part of the village of Loreto Aprutino is the Castle Chiola, fortified by the Normans and then passed, in more recent times, to the Chiola family who took care of the renovation in an elegant building. Considered the architectural symbol of Loreto Aprutino, today the Chiola castle is used as a hotel and is also suitable for ceremonies and conferences.

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Loreto Aprutino also boasts a remarkable cultural heritage thanks to the presence of a fair number of museums as a percentage of the population, among which the Oil Museum could not be missed. Inside this former oil mill used as a museum, tools and machinery typical of oil production are exhibited that trace the evolution of the processing of this precious product which has become part of the Loreto culture.


Snow in Loreto Aprutino


My Loreto Aprutino

This small town in the Pescara province is particularly close to my heart because it is also my origin village! In fact, my father is originally from Loreto Aprutino and I spent the first 9 years of my life here, enough time to be able to consider it part of me!

Generally the places I write about in this blog are destinations that I have visited, that I appreciated and have given me emotions, but Loreto Aprutino is a place that I have lived, a place where I know people, customs and traditions personally.

When I was a child, the renowned extra virgin olive oil from Loreto Aprutino was for me simply the oil that I put on the slice of bread with tomato that I ate as a snack. Who would have thought that about 30 years later, I would have written an article about that oil produced from the fruit of the olive groves that I picked personally, even for fun!

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My impression about Loreto Aprutino:


What can I say.. Loreto Aprutino is my origin village, it may not be the most beautiful village in Italy but if you are nearby visit it and you will make me happy!


Have you ever been to Loreto Aprutino?

Tell your experience in the comments or ask me a question.



Must see places in Loreto Aprutino:

  • Castle Chiola

The Chiola Castle is now a hotel but still maintains its charm of a medieval structure

  • Museum of Oil

The Museum of Oil is the only one of its kind in Abruzzo

  • Ligustri Park Garden

The Ligustri Park Garden is a botanical garden and center for environmental education



Must see places near Loreto Aprutino:

  • Penne (9 Km / 5.6 mi)

Penne is the largest town in the area and has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy

  • Lake Penne Nature Reserve (10.5 Km / 6.5 mi)

Lake Penne is an artificial basin within a natural reserve protected by the WWF used for the recovery of fauna

  • Pescara (25.4 Km / 15.8 mi)

Pescara is a modern city on the Abruzzo coast and the main urban center of the region



Loreto Aprutino where to eat: