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10 days in Abruzzo: the green region of Europe



Castle of Rocca Calascio


Why visit Abruzzo?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Abruzzo by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the tour "Abruzzo road trip".

A tour of Abruzzo by car will allow you to cross the wonders of the green region of Europe admiring unique castles, villages among the most beautiful in Italy and lots of nature in search of the famous Marsican bear or of the fascinating Abruzzo chamois without neglecting the sea with the historic coast of Trabocchi.

From April to September is the best time to visit Abruzzo.


Lake of Scanno



Abruzzo road trip in 10 days




  • Pescara

Pescara is a modern city on the Abruzzo coast, the main hub of the region and an excellent starting point.




  • Pescara - Hermitage of S. Bartolomeo (46 Km/28 mi)

The hermitage of S.Bartolomeo is set in the rock and is considered one of the 10 most beautiful hermitages in Italy.

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  • Hermitage of S. Bartolomeo - Caramanico Terme (9 Km/11,8 mi)

Caramanico terme is a pretty village famous for its thermal baths.


  • Orfento valley

In the Orfento valley it is possible to carry out various hiking routes that start from Caramanico Terme and run alongside the Orfento river.

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  • Caramanico Terme - Tirino river (37 Km/23 mi)

Tirino is considered the clearest river in Europe where it is possible to go canoeing in its crystal clear waters. A short distance away there is a lake which is one of the favorite destination for snorkelers.

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  • Tirino river - Castle of Rocca Calascio (25 Km/15 mi)

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  • Castle of Rocca Calascio - Castel del Monte (11,6 Km/7 mi)

Castel del Monte is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.




  • Castel del Monte - Campo Imperatore (25 Km/15 mi)

Campo Imperatore is a plateau of the Gran Sasso massif called "little Tibet" because of its similarity to Tibetan landscapes.

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  • Campo Imperatore - L'Aquila (37 Km/23 mi)

L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo and among the most important Italian cities from a historical and cultural point of view .




  • L'Aquila


  • L'Aquila - Castle of Celano (67 Km/41 mi)

Celano has a skilfully restored medieval castle overlooking the Fucino plain, a short distance from the town it is possible to make interesting hiking trails inside the Celano Gorges.






  • Castle of Celano - San Domenico lake (39 Km/24 mi)

The lake of San Domenico has its strong point in emerald waters.

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  • San Domenico lake - Scanno lake (4,4 Km/2,7 mi)

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  • Scanno lake - Scanno (4 Km/2,5 mi) 

Scanno is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and it is not uncommon to meet a bear strolling through its streets.




  • Scanno - Barrea (32 Km/20 mi)

Barrea is a pretty village overlooking the omonym lake from above.

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  • Barrea - Castel di Sangro (21 Km/13 mi)

Castel di Sangro is a town a stone's throw from several ski resorts and a destination for winter sports enthusiasts.


  • Castel di Sangro - Roccaraso (10 Km/6,2 mi)

Roccaraso is the most important Abruzzo ski resort.


  • Roccaraso - Pescocostanzo (6 Km/3,7 mi)

Pescocostanzo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a real pearl of Abruzzo.




  • Pescocostanzo - Wood of Sant'Antonio (9,2 Km/5,7 mi)

The wood of Sant'Antonio is one of the most beautiful beech woods in Abruzzo and was once considered sacred.


  • Wood of Sant'Antonio - Palena (21 Km/13 mi)

Palena is a small jewel called "the land of orchids".


  • Palena - Castle of Roccascalegna (34 Km/21 mi)

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  • Castle of Roccascalegna - Fara San Martino gorges (19 Km/11 mi)

Inside the gorges of Fara San Martino it is possible to do several hiking trails and practice climbing.


  • Fara San Martino gorges - Balzolo (19 Km/11 mi)

Balzolo is called "the balcony of Abruzzo" for its panorama of the surrounding mountains, it is the beginning of a spectacular hiking route.

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  • Balzolo - Guardiagrele (9 Km/5,6 mi)

Guardiagrele is a small town rich in history and culture.


DAY 10


  • Guardiagrele - Fossacesia (33 Km/20 mi)

Fossacesia has a magnificent abbey on a hill with a direct view of Coast of Trabocchi.

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  • Fossacesia - Ortona (17 Km/10 mi)

Ortona can be defined as the beginning of the Trabocchi coast, clearly visible from the top of its magnificent Aragonese castle.

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  • Ortona - Pescara (27 Km/16 mi)


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Coast of trabocchi



What to do in Abruzzo:

  • Reach the castle of Rocca Calascio
  • Drive on the roads of Campo Imperatore
  • Eat fish on one of the "trabocchi" on the sea


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