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19 days in the West Coast: The American Dream



Monument valley


Why visit the West Coast?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit the West Coast by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "West Coast road trip".

A tour of the West Coast by car will allow you to admire the wildest area of the United States where, however, there is no shortage of great American cities. A journey through some of the most famous national parks along the roads and scenes of numerous Hollywood films and is the true essence of the "on the road" journey!

March to September is the best time to visit the West Coast.


Grand Canyon



West Coast road trip in 19 days




  • San Francisco

San Francisco is a fascinating city with a European flavor and a hippy soul, spread over a hilly area that distinguishes it. Very famous for its Golden gate and for Silicon Valley, headquarters of some of the most important multinationals on the web.





  • San Francisco 




  • San Francisco - Monterey (192 Km/119 mi)

Monterey is a popular wind-beaten spot on the Pacific Ocean where whales can be spotted.


  • Monterey - Mariposa (250 Km/155 mi)

Mariposa is a mountain town, gateway to Yosemite N.P.




  • Mariposa - Yosemite N.P. (70 Km/43 mi)

Yosemite was the first national park in the United States and one of the most visited thanks to unspoiled nature.




  • Yosemite N.P.




  • Yosemite N.P. - Mono lake (121 Km/75 mi)

Mono lake is a salt lake from which particular rock formations emerge in a lunar landscape that make the landscape very suggestive.




  • Mono lake - Whitmore Hot Springs (52 Km/32 mi)

Whitmore Hot Springs are free thermal springs.


  • Whitmore Hot Springs - Manzanar (133 Km/82 mi)

Manzanar is a concentration camp where the Japanese were interned during the Second World War.


  • Manzanar - Death Valley N.P. (149 Km/92 mi)

Death valley is a national park located in a desert area below sea level whose torrid temperatures make it one of the most hostile places on earth.




  • Death Valley N.P. - Las Vegas (244 Km/151 mi)


  • Las Vegas - Williams (354 Km/220 mi)

Williams is a location not far from the south entrance of the Grand Canyon and is crossed by the legendary "Route 66".


DAY 10


  • Williams - Grand Canyon N.P. south rim (94 Km/58 mi)

The Grand Canyon is a national park consisting of a majestic canyon excavated over the millennia by the Colorado River, it is one of the most visited parks in the United States and the activities it offers are varied.


  • Grand Canyon N.P. - Cameron (88 Km/55 mi)


DAY 11


  • Cameron - Page (123 Km/76 mi)

Page is a town from which numerous tours leave for the many natural attractions in its vicinity.


  • Page - Lake Powell (4,5 Km/3 mi)

Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the United States.


  • Lake Powell - Antelope Canyon N.P. (16 Km/10 mi)

Antelope Canyon is a narrow canyon shaped by the forces of nature that have created a perfect show for photography enthusiasts, if visited in the central hours of the day when the sun is high in the sky it is possible to see the sun's rays penetrating through the canyon. Entrance is allowed only through authorized guides so I recommend booking a tour.

Read my article "Antelope canyon: the most photographed canyon in America ".


  • Antelope Canyon N.P. - Kayenta(169 Km/105 mi)

Kayenta is a town within a Navajo reservation, the gateway to Monument Valley.


DAY 12


  • Kayenta - Monument valley (34 Km/21 mi)

Monument Valley is a national park within a Navajo reservation, set of several western films.


  • Monument Valley - Moab (237 Km/147 mi)

Moab is a small town, gateway to several natural parks.


DAY 13


  • Moab - Arches N.P. (8,4 Km/5 mi)

Arches N.P. is a national park famous for the presence of numerous natural arches resulting from wind erosion on the rocks.


  • Arches N.P. - Canyonlands N.P. (42 Km/26 mi)

Canyonlands is a national park characterized by typically lunar arid landscapes.


  • Canyonlands N.P. - Moab (50 Km/31 mi)


DAY 14


  • Moab - Capitol Reef N.P. (232 Km/144 mi)

Capitol Reef is a small national park with rocky landscapes.


  • Capitol Reef N.P. - Bryce Canyon N.P. (196 Km/121 mi)

Bryce canyon is a national park where erosion has shaped the rocks to create particular pinnacles.


DAY  15


  • Bryce Canyon N.P. - Zion N.P. (120 Km/74 mi)

Zion is a national park inside a canyon carved out by the Virgin River


  • Zion N.P. - Las Vegas (259 Km/183 mi)


DAY 16


  • Las Vegas

Read my article "Las Vegas: the lights city".


DAY 17


  • Las Vegas - Los Angeles (435 Km/275 mi)

To save half a day I suggest to travel this route by plane.


DAY 18


  • Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of cinema, Hollywood, beaches and the most important of the west coast of the United States.


DAY 19


  • Los Angeles


Suggest other interesting stops within this itinerary by commenting the article.


Yosemite valley



What to do in West coast USA:

  • Play slot machines in one of the Las Vegas casinos
  • Visit Antelope Canyon in the central hours of the day (book your ticket)
  • Take a stretch of the legendary Route 66


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