Itinerary northern Calabria road trip

1 week in northern Calabria: the toe of the boot



Arcomagno beach


Why visit Calabria?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Calabria by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "Northern Calabria on the road" tour.

A tour of northern Calabria by car will allow you to admire fascinating seaside resorts overlooked a few tens of kilometers by mountains that even reach 2000 meters above sea level.

From March to November is the best time to visit Calabria.


Statue of Christ in Maratea



Northern Calabria road trip in 7 days





  • Catanzaro

Catanzaro is considered the old European capital of silk.




  • Catanzaro - Le Castella (48,4 Km/30 mi)

Le Castella is a coastal town where there's a castle located on a small island easily reached via a thin strip of sand.


  • Le Castella - Capo Rizzuto (15,8 Km/9,8 mi)

Capo Rizzuto is an important protected area on the sea not far from the village of Isola Capo Rizzuto.


  • Capo Rizzuto - Crotone (27 Km/16,7 mi)

Crotone is a city that boasts a fair archaeological heritage.




  • Crotone - Sila National Park (88 Km/54,7 mi)

Sila National Park is the Italian park with the greatest amount of woodland and boasts a remarkable biodiversity system.


Sila Nationale Park




  • Sila National Park - Rossano (40 Km/24,9 mi)

Rossano is a town surrounded by nature and rich in history.


  • Rossano - Corigliano (16,6 Km/10,3 mi)

Corigliano is a historic town dominated by the Norman castle.


  • Corigliano - Pollino Nationale Park (73 Km/45 mi)

Pollino National Park is the largest protected area in Italy.




  • Pollino Nationale Park - Maratea [Basilicata] (44,5 Km/27,6 mi) 

Maratea is an important tourist and religious location with the presence of numerous churches and the Christ the Redeemer on the top of a hill.


  • Maratea - Arcomagno beach (26 Km/16 mi)

Arcomagno beach is a splendid beach protected by a rock arch.


  • Arcomagno beach - San Nicola Arcella (2,5 Km/1,6 mi)

San Nicola Arcella is a well-known seaside resort on the Tyrrhenian coast.


  • San Nicola Arcella - Scalea (5 Km/3,1 mi)

Scalea is considered to be the beginning of the famous "Riviera dei Cedri".




  • Scalea - Diamante (17 Km/10,6 mi)

Diamante is a small town on the "Riviera dei Cedri" famous for its murals.


  • Diamante - Paola (43,7 Km/27 mi)

Paola is the most important religious place in Calabria with the presence of a sanctuary dedicated to the patron saint of Calabria.


  • Paola - Cosenza (36,2 Km/22,5 mi)

Cosenza is considered the Athens of Italy.





  • Cosenza - Amantea (65 Km/40,4 mi)

Amantea is a very lively tourist town during the summer.


  • Amantea - Lamezia Terme (42 Km/26 mi)

Lamezia Terme is famous for its archaeological sites and ancient baths.


  • Lamezia Terme - Catanzaro (38,7 Km/5,4 mi)



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Aragonese Castle of Le Castella



What to do in Calabria:

  • Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Calabrian coast
  • Eat the typical spicy Calabrian dishes
  • Admire the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea from the high mountains a stone's throw from the sea