Itinerary southern Calabria road trip

1 week in southern Calabria: the toe of the boot



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Why visit Calabria?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Calabria by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "Southern Calabria road trip".

A tour of southern Calabria by car will allow you to admire wonderful villages on promontories overlooking the sea, green mountains overlooking the Adriatic and enjoy excellent cuisine with a spicy flavor.

From March to November is the best time to visit Calabria.


Beach of Tropea



Southern Calabria road trip in 7 days





  • Catanzaro

Catanzaro is considered the old European capital of silk.




  • Catanzaro - Squillace (25 Km/15,5 mi)

Squillace is a village with a rich historical heritage dominated by a Norman castle.


  • Squillace - Soverato (20 Km/12,4 mi)

Soverato is a small town considered the pearl of the Ionian.


  • Soverato - Monasterace (31,4 Km/19,5 mi)

Monasterace is an interesting medieval village.




  • Monasterace - Roccella (25 Km/15,5 mi)

Roccella Jonica is a seaside resort famous for its crystal clear waters.


  • Roccella - Gerace (28,5 Km/17,7 mi)

Gerace is an ancient village that serves as a gateway to the Aspromonte National Park.


  • Gerace - Brancaleone (46,6 Km/29 mi)

Brancaleone is defined as the "city of sea turtles".


Promontory of Scilla




  • Brancaleone - Reggio Calabria (65 Km/40 mi)

Reggio Calabria is the city of the "Riace bronzes".


  • Reggio Calabria - Scilla  (22 Km/13,7 mi)

Scilla is a renowned seaside resort famous for its promontory overlooking the sea.




  • Scilla - Aspromonte National Park (47 Km/24 mi)

The Aspromonte National Park is one of the most geologically active areas in the Mediterranean with mountains up to 2000 meters a short distance from the sea.





  • Aspromonte National Park - Capo Vaticano (103 Km/64 mi)

Capo Vaticano boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.


  • Capo Vaticano - Tropea (11,5 Km/7 mi)

Tropea is the jewel of the renowned "coast of gods".





  • Tropea - Pizzo (30 Km/18,6 mi)

Pizzo is a pretty seaside village renowned for its good ice cream.


  • Pizzo - Lamezia Terme (33 Km/20,5 mi)

Lamezia Terme is famous for its archaeological sites and ancient baths.


  • Lamezia Terme - Catanzaro (38,7 Km/5,4 mi)



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Reggio Calabria



What to do in Calabria:

  • Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Calabrian coast
  • Eat the typical spicy Calabrian dishes
  • Admire the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea from the high mountains a stone's throw from the sea