Itinerary Basilicata road trip

6 days in Basilicata: Dolomites with sea view





Why visit Basilicata?

If you are wondering what are the reasons to visit Basilicata by car, read my itinerary about what I think are the main stops of the "Basilicata on the road".

A tour of Basilicata by car will allow you to admire one of the least known regions of Italy for mass tourism but equally rich in charm, history and art in a mainly mountainous area overlooking the splendid Ionian Sea.

March to November is the best time to visit Basilicata.





Basilicata road trip in 6 days




  • Matera

Matera is defined "the city of stones", European capital of culture and UNESCO heritage




  • Matera - Metaponto (48 Km/29,8 mi)

Metaponto is an important archaeological site from the Greek era located on the Ionian coast


  • Metaponto - Policoro (23,7 Km/14,7 mi)

Policoro is one of the main Ionian seaside resorts with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea


  • Policoro - Tursi (29 Km/18 mi)

Tursi is a characteristic village that inherits a mix of cultures




  • Tursi - Pollino Nationale Park (98,3 Km/61 mi)

The Pollino National Park is the largest protected area in Italy


  • Parco Nazionale del Pollino - Maratea (44,5 Km/27,6 mi)

Maratea is one of the favorite places for vacationers on the Gulf of Policastro observed from above from the statue of Christ the Redeemer






  • Maratea - Sasso di Castalda (95 Km/59 mi)

Sasso di Castalda is a pretty village with a Tibetan bridge as the main tourist attraction


  • Sasso di Castalda - Atella (74 Km/46 mi)

Atella is a small village that has an interesting Paleolithic site


  • Atella - Laghi di Monticchio (15,7 Km/9,7 mi)

The Monticchio Lakes, inside the Vulture reserve, are located on the craters of extinct volcanoes


  • Laghi di Monticchio - Melfi (17,6 Km/10,9 mi)

Melfi is a town of clear Norman origins dominated by an important castle




  • Melfi - Venosa (25,2 Km/15,6 mi)

Venosa is counted as the city of Horace and boasts an important archaeological site


  • Venosa - Dolomiti Lucane (88 Km/54,7 mi)

The Lucanian Dolomites make the mountain landscape unique in which the beautiful villages of Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano fit perfectly.




  • Dolomiti Lucane - Aliano (41 Km/25,5 mi)

Aliano, placed in the Lucanian badlands, is one of the authentic villages of Italy


  • Aliano - Craco (36,2 Km/22,5 mi)

Craco is among the most evocative abandoned towns in Italy


  • Craco - Matera (56,7Km/35,2 mi)


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What to do in Basilicata:

  • Tackling the "Volo dell'Angelo", one of the most adrenaline-pumping ziplines in Italy in the Lucanian Dolomites
  • Sleeping inside a stone of Matera
  • Take a bath in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian coast


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