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9 days in Jordan: history and mistery



Petra from above



Itinerary Jordan on the road is a fascinating journey through mysterious legends and millenary history without neglecting nature.

A tour of Jordan by car will allow you to admire the capital Amman, important historical sites, the Dead Sea located at the lowest point on earth, you will be amazed at the sight of Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, you will be fascinated by the Wadi Rum desert and the colors of the coral reef of the Red Sea.

March to June is the best time to visit Jordan.

Castle Shobak



9 days itinerary: Jordan on the road




  • Amman 

Amman is the capital of Jordan, it is a fascinating city with many facets




  • Amman - Jerash (49 Km/30 mi)

Jerash is an important archaeological site second only to Petra for the number of visitors




  • Jerash - Madaba (77 Km/48 mi)

Madaba is called "the city of mosaics" and many of them can be found inside churches


  • Madaba - Wadi Mujib (44 Km/27 mi)

Wadi Mujib is a river that flows into the Dead Sea and is located within a gorge where canyoning is possible


  • Wadi Mujib - Dead Sea (15 Km/9 mi)

The Dead Sea is a salt lake located at the lowest point on earth and has a salinity that allows easy floatation as well as multiple beneficial qualities




  • Dead Sea - Karak (52 Km/32 mi)

Karak is a crusader castle characterized by a network of tunnels


  • Karak - Dana (89 Km/55 mi)

Dana is the largest Jordanian nature reserve, located in a mountain area, it is full of hiking trails




  • Dana - Shobak (26 Km/16 mi)

Shobak is a crusader castle


  • Shobak - Little Petra (26 Km/16 mi)

Little Petra is an archaeological site not far from Petra and retains the same characteristics as its older sister


  • Little Petra - Petra (10 Km/6 mi)




  • Petra

Read my article: "Petra: the lost city"




  • Petra - Wadi rum (112 Km/69 mi)

Wadi rum is a vast desert of red sand declared a UNESCO heritage site and of unique beauty




  • Wadi rum - Red Sea (71 Km/44 mi)

The Red Sea has one of the most colorful coral reefs in the world




  • Aqaba

Aqaba is an important city on the Red Sea

If you want to suggest some interesting stops within this itinerary do it with a comment on this article.


Wadi rum desert



What to do in Jordan:

  • Petra by night lit by candles
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Spend a night in a tent in Wadi Rum desert



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